CRM Workflow Transformation

CRM Workflow Transformation Case Study


After five years of steady sailing on technical infrastructure that fit my firm’s needs, leadership updated their business strategy to grow to twice their current size across two new regions. The firm’s days of knowing each other as if they all worked in the same room were numbered. We asked IVIONICS how quickly we could install new computers and they asked us, in a nice way, “is that all you think is involved?”


In addition to ensuring that all the new employees would have working computers day one, IVIONICS guided us through a needs-assessment based on our growth objective. Their time spent with key stakeholders, leadership, and practitioners resulted in a detailed recommendation plan for how to improve business processes and what technologies are available to achieve our goals.


Growth happened and we were prepared. IVIONICS identified what data and information was most valuable to us as we grew. With this knowledge, we charted a course for how to keep everyone “in the know” regarding client wins, our individual expertise, and new business opportunities.

Our new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system kept us as close to being in one room as possible. Improved matter management and operational efficiencies also came to fruition with IVIONICS’ guidance. While growing our attorney headcount, we were able to take advantages of the economies of scale enabled by technology to keep our staffing levels stable and staff more productive.