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Finding Internal Champions to Support Adoption and Change

Recorded on: 12/13/2019
Location: ILTAnet.org

Description: If you are considering moving your applications to the cloud, this is a great opportunity to address process improvements and cybersecurity threats at once. Cloud providers offer a wide range of security controls and productivity enhancements, but not without risks of their own. Finding internal champions who understand your firm’s security requirements from a business perspective is critical to making the right decisions.

CRM Workflow Transformation

After five years of steady sailing on technical infrastructure that fit my firm’s needs, leadership updated their business strategy to grow to twice their current size across two new regions. The firm’s days of knowing each other as if they all worked in the same room were numbered. We asked IVIONICS how quickly we could install new computers and they asked us, in a nice way, “is that all you think is involved?”


Tech Audits Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Recorded on: 10/17/2019
Location: Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP in Garden City, New York

Description: We look at what other firms are doing right now regarding data governance and how they got started. The discussion will include how you can develop and implement a program that is appropriate for your firm. We start with a definition of data governance, then look at who at the firm is responsible for what. We continue with a discussion on developing a program and hear about the pain points from those who have been down this path already.

Cloud Management Security Essentials

Moving your applications to the cloud is a great way to address cyber security threats faced today. Cloud vendors offer a wide range of security controls. It’s important to go into evaluating cloud vendors knowing your firm’s minimum-security requirements, and the universe of options available to you to better understand your risks specific to each application, service provided, and vendor.

Data Governance for Law Firm Growth and Client Success

Managing your data isn’t just about protecting you and your clients from cyber-threats, it’s about generating actionable insights into your business processes and opportunities to enhance your business practices and client service. This article explores the principles and opportunities of practical data governance and how they can be applied to keep your firm more secure […]

Creating ROI Positive Solutions

When firm management sees a hefty spend on technology, they expect to see improvements in their computing experience. How technology components integrate and rely on each other is much more nuanced and our previous spend was on keeping our server infrastructure current so we could then begin upgrading our desktop and applications. Firm leadership not only understood this, but they saw it as an opportunity to re-evaluate not only the applications used, but the processes that drive application use and the flow of data between applications. Like all law firms, recent data breaches and the General Data Protection Regulation have brought cybersecurity and data governance to the top of mind.

Cloud First Strategies

It was time to upgrade a considerable amount of the firm’s infrastructure and applications to stay current and secure. Front-page cyber security incidents involving law firms got leadership’s attention, as did the buzz around cloud computing. Leadership was astute enough to know that this was also their best opportunity to re-evaluate how they manage their business.

IVIONICS – The Trusted Advisor

The tipping point when my law firm Managing Partner called me in the dead of night to talk about cyber security came on May 9th, 2016, when the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) released the Panama Papers to the public. The call did not come because our firm had any connection to since-defunct Mossack Fonseca, the firm from which leaked 11.5 million documents and was subsequently charged with money laundering. He called to be reminded of what we had agreed to put in place during the last budget season and find out what more could be done and how quickly.