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It was time to upgrade a considerable amount of the firm’s infrastructure and applications to stay current and secure. Front-page cybersecurity incidents involving law firms got leadership’s attention, as did the buzz around cloud computing. Leadership was astute enough to know that this was also their best opportunity to re-evaluate how they manage their business.


IVIONICS’ long-standing relationship managing the firm’s technology infrastructure gave them a foothold into understanding what the firm wanted out of their core technology services. However, this was the first time IVIONICS was brought in to discuss the firm’s strategic objectives. The motivated leaders opened up to IVIONICS about their goals, current and potential roadblocks, legacy work processes and those who will champion change. Through a series of interviews, IVIONICS identified core principles to the firm’s strategy that informed the project plans and priorities.


In addition to the firm needing new infrastructure, they needed better financial management and reporting to satisfy their partner and client expectations. The CFO was able to retain control over closely-held data, while identifying where the data could exist in reports and by whom it could be viewed. Custom dashboards were created for practice and office leaders and administrators, and analytical data important to partners became an up-front and easy to follow daily news feed. Other positive outcomes of the new financial system included escalated time capture, billing and payment cycles, and improved client service.

To accomplish a successful change of this magnitude, the firm agreed with IVIONICS recommendation of moving forward with cloud-first products and services. They went from having all infrastructure on-premise to benefiting from a complete cloud suite of solutions, managed and secured by IVIONICS. The firm now benefits from data centralization, allowing for reliable reporting and improved data security and global mobile access, allowing their attorneys and clients an efficient platform for being successful.