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When firm management sees a hefty spend on technology, they expect to see improvements in their computing experience. How technology components integrate and rely on each other is much more nuanced and our previous spend was on keeping our server infrastructure current so we could then begin upgrading our desktop and applications. Firm leadership not only understood this, but they saw it as an opportunity to re-evaluate not only the applications used, but the processes that drive application use and the flow of data between applications. Like all law firms, recent data breaches and the General Data Protection Regulation have brought cybersecurity and data governance to the top of mind.


IVIONICS was brought in to help evaluate current application use and provide strategic recommendations on what to upgrade and what to replace, while considering improving business and legal practice processes and data governance practices along the way. Critical to the success of this project was leadership’s insistence that IVIONICS meet not only with the practitioners, but with the most senior partners and leaders of the firm. Taking the time of someone who bills $800 per hour is not to be taken lightly. IVIONICS prepared thoughtful and targeted questions for the interviewees, which quickly proved to the participants that IVIONICS had done their homework and were trustworthy to listen to and understand the partner’s business objectives.


The leaders, attorneys and staff revealed inefficiencies and opportunities that provided the insight necessary for IVIONICS to make strategic recommendations to software selection, process and data governance improvements. Priorities and interdependencies were established to bring the firm to the next level of operations. Quick wins addressing specific processes that could be improved immediately were made.

As the firm began to benefit from the initial improvements, more confidence and trust in the IT department was established, leading to better cooperation and an overall easier effort to change the applications and work processes for the betterment of the firm.